TS 50

TS-50 Tommy Skeoch Signature 50 watt Amplifier


Kevin stumbled onto an Eddie Trunk podcast that interviewed Tommy Skeoch (formerly of Tesla) in November 2016.  Later that evening, an idea sparked to reach out to Tommy and see if there was any interest in developing a signature amplifier.  The idea seemed cool but a bit far fetched, particularly due to the fact that they were on the opposite sides of the continent. However, one thing was clear, the two of them saw eye-to-eye on how an amp should sound, look, and function.

In January 2017 Kevin flew out to Tommy’s place to spend a day listening to what Tommy calls his “baby”; a late 70’s modified Marshall 2104 combo.

Baseline testing with Tommy January 2017

It was important to Kevin that the design be original and that he drive the design intent.  4 months following travel across country, countless hours of research and development, the two of them are pleased to present what they both feel is a face-melting classic rock tone monster!

The TS 50 is essentially a Plexi that exceeds eleven.  Overdrive is controlled by (2) preamp gain pots and a PPIMV, giving the artist total control over the preamp gain recipe.  No buttons, no relays, just infinite control over the signal and the classic plexi tone circuit.

The TS 50 was intentionally designed for simplicity.  Kevin’s analogy is the audio world:  “We started with vinyl.  Now that we’re so far away from where we started, there’s a desire by many to get back to origin.  The same holds true with guitar amps.  We have modelers, multi channels, buttons to do this, that and the other. Time to get back to where it all started. Put the control in the artists hands.”

Tommy said, “I need a f$&king degree to use what’s out there now.  I want something simple and it has to be able to go over the top, but clean up nice with any guitar”.

The only modern convenience they felt must be on the amp is an Effects Loop.  Everything else is old school, hand wired art.


  • Point-to-point handwired laydown PT platform
  • (4) 12AX7 preamp stages
  • (2) 6550 power tube stages
  • (2) preamp gain controls
  • classic Marshall tone stack w/presence
  • PPI Master volume control on front face
  • 1 input
  • 2 speaker outputs
  • impedence control
  • Metro Zero loss FX loop

Color Options

  • Classic white levant w/gold face & piping (shown with matching cabinet).  Cabinets may be ordered upon request.  Contact Kevin for details.

  • Black levant w/black face, piping & chicken head knobs

black w/black trim TS 50


Here are a couple studio Iso tracks that Ryan Jones from the rising Bay Area band Frequency was kind enough to share.  He’s using a TS50, fed by a PRS dual humbucker axe into a 2×12 slant w/vintage cream/greenbacks.


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