Recent Builds

Reggie Lo S/N REGL001

Owner: Mike – Hollister, CA

Story – Mike is Eric’s left hand man for their new band Frequency.  We went out on a limb and made him a left handed bass; Reggie Lo, to accompany Reggie on stage.



Reggie S/N REGG004

Owner: Mark – San Jose, CA

Story – Mark is the production manager at my day job.    I built this for him because he’s a rock star, both at work and on stage.  He’s a fusion jazz/blues player with tons of energy.  He has 16 guitars at home and our goal is that Reggie becomes his favorite!  Rock n roll Mark!



Reggie S/N REGG005

Owner: Chris – Alpine, TX

Custom requests – discrete logo on back of headstock, selected neck slab, one 12th fret dot, stop tail, minimal relicing.  Below are the slabs Chris got to choose from.  Stellar figuring!

neck blank1

Response upon receipt – Hola, Kevin! I’m totally in love with Cinco (he is #5, correct?) and he’s the most incredible instrument I’ve ever played. Absolutely f’in gorgeous!