Here are answers to some common questions we have received:

Q: What sets you apart from the others?

A: There are (4) key areas that separate us from the others:

  • Exceeding the Customer Expectation – we realize that buying an amplifier is a personal decision, and is not easy to do remotely.  You will feel like you’re part of the build experience.  Rather than creating an automated system notifying you where your order is in the process, Kevin will communicate as your rig works its way toward life.  Our attention to detail and customer experience will be top notch every time.
  • We use the best component suppliers in the industry, and are proud to say every one of them is in the USA.  We don’t rely on boutique winders or NOS components.  Our supply chain is robust and sustainable.
  •  We have our own way of calibrating each amp to ensure that its the “hidden gem or baby” you’ve been looking for.  This method may require changes to component values such as plate resistors to ensure the tube sees what it was intended to see.  There is no way a Big Box company can afford to run business this way.
  • We keep our price point below any of the other boutique builders to offer you the best rigs for the money.  We recognize that they’re not cheap but we promise that they’re worth every penny.  Completely handwired in the Santa Cruz mountains using premium components, an FX loop, stellar volume control, and infinite control over gain structure eliminating the need for a boost pedal to slam the front end is a  great value.  Our goal is to make a rig so good that we’ll never see one on the used market.

Q: You spend a lot of time advertising one classic Van Halen tone.  Are these rigs One-Trick-Ponies?

A: Absolutely not.  We strive to achieve said tone for two reasons; 1) that particular plexi is still recognized in the music industry as one of the best ever built, and 2) we know it was dimed so its a useful method of verifying our builds.  Dial the knobs and/or change guitars and you can achieve any plexi tone ever played.

Q: Is there a way to manage volume to “bedroom levels”?  I live in an apartment and can’t annoy the neighbors.

A: For years we were against master volume amplifiers.  The masses tell you that power tube saturation is the only way to get great tone.  Heck, all the greats dimed the amps back in the day so it must be true.  So you can go that route, add a really nice attenuator or slave setup, or look at our design solution – the TS50 and GTP100.

Both the TS50 and the GTP100 have Post Phase Inverter Master Volumes (PPIMV) and the tone is excellent all the way down to bedroom volumes.  The circuits were designed to sound great at club volumes, not arena volumes.  we also use PEC a dual potentiometer on the PPIMV that is very expensive due to its precision construction but its worth it to have balance in that circuit.  We’re very pleased with the output otherwise we wouldn’t offer it as a solution.

Q: Have you considered building a combo?

A: Yes, we will likely build a TS-50 2×12 combo to meet the needs of folks who either gig in small clubs or just dont have the need for a massive 4×12 cab.