GTP 100

GTP 100


In the world of auto racing, the GTP class is the highest level of performance in the LeMans Endurance series.  R&D teams from carmakers that normally make production vehicles get to push the limits with a blank canvas.  But if prototyping a new rig isn’t enough of a challenge, add the requirement that the design MUST withstand the highest levels of performance for an absurd length of time!  We thought this was an analogous landscape for where our design team needed to operate for its next creation.

We wanted to develop something that would complement the TS-50 on a 100 watt platform.  The 100 watt plexi was loved for its musical tone, but many felt the need to “push” the front end to get a bit more sustain and grit.  The GTP100 is for the guitarist who opts for the highest horsepower car on the lot but civilized when required, can change direction without losing composure, and run at the limits without failure.  Our solution to this is the GTP100.

The GTP100 has proven itself in all categories.  It:

  • can rival the best low gain plexi brethren
  • will satisfy the pickiest of classic  VH tone chasers
  • provides enough overdrive to negate the need for a boost (TS-9, 6 band, etc.) which simplifies your rig
  • has stellar tone at manageable volumes

GTP100w, S/N002 front

GTP100w, S/N002 Back


  • Based off ’68 Marshall 12xxx Plexi platform
  • Point-to-point handwired
  • (4) 12AX7 preamp stages
  • (4) 6CA7 power tube stages
  • (2) preamp gain controls
  • classic Marshall tone stack w/presence
  • PPI Master volume
  • 1 input
  • 2 speaker outputs
  • impedence selector
  • FX loop



Clip 1 demonstrates that the GTP100 still maintains “Plexi” DNA. The pickup is a vintage MightyMite 1300 so its a bit saucier than a PAF, but you can clearly hear its all there.



Clip 2 is for the classic VH tone junkies. Its a quick noodle with Franky, which has an EVH pup. Keep in mind, this is just a different setting on the two preamp gain pots from clip 1, and there’s still more in the tank!

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