Here are a few raw clips and videos that should provide some flavor of our offering. Crank the stereo or throw on some quality headphones, grab a cold one, and crank it up!

Clip 1 – Reggie into 12001, running through a slave rig with no post processing. Nice demo of the normal vs bright channel. No mud!

Clip 2 – Reggie into the 12003 build, slaved with some clever live reverb at an attempt to get close to the original first Van Halen recording. No post processing here.

Clip 3 – Test run of the 12005 Plexi build. Dimed with almost zero attenuation into 2 cabinets; one in a tiled room for natural reverb. No post processing on this. Customer wanted Live 1981 Oakland tone with his guitar which he provided. His reaction was “you nailed it!”