Holbook Amplifiers

Here at Holbrook Amplification, we pour our heart and soul into providing the finest guitar amplifiers in the world.

It all starts with pride, passion, and relentless attention to detail.  Everyone here is moved by music.  We want to make sure we can provide artists an instrument that inspires them to create great music – music that will take us on a journey.  Tone’s funny that way…

To be successful, we also need top notch suppliers.  Our supply chain shares the same passion we do.  We use iron from some of the best winders on the planet.  Our cabinets are hand made from birch plywood just like the originals. Our boards, plates, and components are the highest quality in industry.

Kevin and his highly skilled technicians solder, assemble, and test every build before it leaves the building.  Typically Eric will put each rig through its paces and provide the buyer a clip for final verification before each unit ships.  We want to exceed the customer expectation on every order.Email us for questions and orders:

Sales and Support

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